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Please let us know about your news.  Please include: who was involved, what the news is, where it occurred (if it was in a specific place, such as at a conference), when it occurred, others who were involved, and why this news is significant. We also ask for your email; that is so we can follow up if we need more details.

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We ask that you submit your College of Liberal Arts & Sciences event on the UNC Charlotte Campus Events site. If you select “College of Liberal Arts & Sciences” from the dropdown list, your event will also automatically post to Exchange. Click on “Submit Events” below to go to the Campus Events site.

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In the News

If you have you been quoted in the news or written something that is published in the news media, let us know about it.  (NOTE: Academic papers and conference presentations go into the “News” section.  See the submission button above for those.)

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