College Publications

Exchange Magazine 2019-2020

This issue of "Exchange" showcases ways in which the people of the College are improving the world. We are addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in several ways, with research beginning to show promise on the sciences front, and also among humanities scholars and social scientists.

Exchange Magazine 2018-2019, Vol. 1

This issue of the UNC Charlotte College of Liberal Arts & Sciences’ magazine Exchange illustrates how people in the College integrate research, teaching and service into the work being done in the broader community, particularly as focused on social mobility.

Fall-Winter 2017 Exchange Magazine

In the context of our deeply divided and polarized country, we asked faculty members in UNC Charlotte’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences to meditate on the state of their disciplines and look toward the future for the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Exchange magazine.

Fall-Winter 2016 Exchange Magazine

This Fall-Winter 2016 issue of the College’s Exchange magazine showcases the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences' commitment to the values of community, of diversity and inclusion, and of ethical behavior. Stories in this issue demonstrate the pervasive engagement of the college and the community in trying to address issues of social justice and societal needs.

Fall-Winter 2015 Exchange Magazine

This Fall-Winter 2015 issue of the College's Exchange magazine explores the theme of human connecting, through examination of the ways in which students, faculty, alumni and friends make a difference in the world.

Exchange Magazine Summer 2019

In this issue of "Exchange," the College magazine, we stop and remember our shared values, and we consider how these touchstone values are helping our community to find the way back from the appalling events of April 30. We include a brief series of stories that highlight the importance that connections have made in the healing process.

Spring 2018 Exchange Magazine

Twelve years ago, the first issue of Exchange was published. With this magazine, we want to connect to our alumni and friends, not just to send a one-way missive, but to invite a response back from you: to exchange. In this issue, we particularly celebrate the exchange that occurs in the student research experience.

Spring 2017 Exchange Magazine

This Spring 2017 issue of the UNC Charlotte College of Liberal Arts & Science's Exchange magazine illustrates the theme of mentorship. Stories in this issue confirm that bonds between students and faculty mentors are crucial to the college's mission of educating students to be critical and imaginative thinkers and engaged citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Spring 2016 Exchange Magazine

This Spring 2016 issue of the College's Exchange magazine makes visible the scholarly accomplishments of CLAS students and faculty. This work is not an end in itself, as College Dean Nancy Gutierrez says, but a pathway to creating a better future.

Summer 2015 Exchange Magazine

This issue of Exchange focuses on people beyond our borders, as faculty, alumni and students report back from the distant sites of the Marshall Islands, Uganda, Ecuador and Germany. We also report on research that is making a difference locally.